It’s Time for You to Get Involved - Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations Now Open

    By: Douglass S. Hale, M.D. on May 26, 2016

    It is that time of year for our annual call for volunteers which includes accepting nominations for the Board of Directors.  I encourage all members to consider volunteering to serve on one of our many committees or the Board. It is a rewarding experience to be a part of the work that our many committees are doing. I have personally enjoyed my time on the Board and this year as President I am very grateful for the 156 volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to promote our specialty and the work of AUGS. We couldn’t do this without you and our future volunteers.

    New this year, the AUGS Board evolved our committee structure to a Council structure which includes supporting committees.  Each council is led by a senior AUGS member responsible for coordinating the aligned work of the several committees under them and when appropriate, working with committees from other councils.  The councils consist of the Education Council (5 committees), the Research Council (4 committees), the Quality Council (3 committees), the Clinical Practice Council (4 committees) and lastly the Outreach Council (4 committees).  All this is an attempt to coordinate and increase the communication across our different committees.

    An example of this new effort is how the work of one committee supports the work of several other committees. The Systematic Review Committee works on key topics that lead to the development of guidelines or position statements by the Guidelines Committee.  The Quality Committee then works on developing new quality measures which can be included in our registries that are overseen by the Quality and Research Councils. In the past, each group operated in their own silo not aware of what others were working on.  With the new council structure, a much more aligned, coordinated effort is being put forth. 

    AUGS has an exceptional history of its members taking on the work needed to support FPMRS.  From our current registry efforts, quality measure development, coding and reimbursement battles, educational and research efforts, AUGS has developed into a model for other organizations.  We all understand the value of our free time, but few of us are working harder in the clinical and/or academic world than our AUGS member volunteers.  We all need to contribute to help get the work done.  Until you are in the middle of it, it can be hard to see all the areas AUGS is impacting.  For those who feel we need to make a bigger splash, my response is to get involved on a Committee or the Board.  We need your efforts and talents to continue to move the organization and the subspecialty forward. Please look at the new structure and consider finding a council and committee that can use your talents.  You have until June 15 to volunteer, so please take a few minutes to express your interest in getting involved. 

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    Released: May 26, 2016, 10:30 am
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