Outreach Council

    Purpose: The Outreach Council brings together those committees that are focused on outreach to the membership and the public. The Council serves to monitor the needs of members and patients and ensures AUGS has the programs and services established to meet those needs. 

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    Purpose: Represents and monitors the needs of the membership and ensures a strong membership structure and benefits package.

    Composition: Chair plus 4 to 6 members

    Time Expectations: Monthly conference calls; email communication as needed

    Ongoing Activities

    • Maintain a robust and diverse membership
    • Oversees the Leadership Program and helps to develop society leaders
    • Approval of Life Membership requests
    • Build awareness of the SIG community by promoting their benefits and engaging members
    • Ensure programs and services exist that enhance the SIG community within AUGS 
    • Oversee FPMRS News newsletter and ensure it provides content of interest to the target audience 


    Public Education

    Purpose: Support the Outreach Council on outreach efforts to the public about the FPMRS subspecialty and role of the urogynecologist. Ensure the seamless integration of all patient-related programs and services on behalf of AUGS.

    Composition: Chair plus 6 to 8 committee members

    Time Expectations: Monthly conference calls; email communication as needed; writing, editing and review of content 

    Ongoing Activities

    • Oversee AUGS website and Voices for PFD website to ensure it is meeting membership needs
    • Oversee the production of PF Dialogues and ensure it provides content of interest to the target audience
    • Develops patient education materials that can be used by patients and physicians
    • Oversee all media relations activities for AUGS 


    Patient Work Group

    Purpose: Support the work of AUGS by providing the patient perspective in AUGS-related programs and documents.

    Composition: Physician Chair plus 4 to 6 patients interested in supporting the work of AUGS and Voices for PFD

    Time Expectations: Quarterly conference calls; attendance at one face-to-face meeting

    Ongoing Activities

    • Work with other committees to advance these goals: Quality, Guidelines and Statements, Public Engagement, PFD Research Registry
    • Share ideas and experiences and provide input into future AUGS projects and services

    Special Interest Groups

    Purpose: Create and foster community feeling around a designated area of interest that brings together AUGS members for information exchange and sharing.

    Composition: Either the Chair or Vice Chair of each SIG will have a seat on the Outreach Council. Each SIG will determine who their representative will be.

    Time Expectations: Attend quarterly Council conference calls; SIG conference calls as needed; one face-to-face meeting per year

    Ongoing Activities:

    • Provide a membership benefit for AUGS members
    • Provide input to the Outreach Council from their SIG on topics such as: unmet needs/ growth opportunities; new program and service offerings; feedback about SIG meetings

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