Research Council

    Purpose: The Research Council oversees the research initiatives, programs and services on behalf of AUGS and the subspecialty. The Council ensures an up-to-date research agenda exists for FPMRS and ensures it is used to direct the Research Registry, Networks, Foundation Grants and other AUGS programs. 

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    PFD Research Registry Committee

    Purpose: Oversee the current operations of the PFD Research Registry, plan for expansion and ensure that the Registry supports the research needs and strategic goals as determined by the Board of Directors. The PFD Research Registry Committee would also share information about the various registry activities and seek additional partners to conduct Industry-sponsored or other externally-sponsored studies.

    Composition: Ideal number of committee members to be determined by the Research Council. It is recommended that members on this committee include current users of the Research Registry as well as members with a strong research background.

    Time Expectations: Conference calls as needed, plus email communication.

    Work Groups: This Committee will oversee two work groups to assist with advancing their work forward:

    • Registry User Group
    • Registry Stakeholder Advisory Group

    Ongoing Activities

    • Oversee the Registry, including data elements, design and implementation
    • Review requests for data use and analysis (future)
    • Review and approve all publications derived from the Registry to ensure compliance with Registry policies, confidentiality, and acknowledgment of data source and funding (future)
    • Review and approve other requests to query the registry
    • Data element expansion and updating
    • Registry Chair serves as the liaison to the Women’s Health Registry Alliance
    • Work with other committees to advance these goals: Scientific, Terminology, Quality Improvement Registry 


    Scientific Committee

    Purpose: Support the work of the Research Council by ensuring programs are in place to support the research needs of the FPMRS community. 

    Composition: Ideal number of committee members to be determined by the Research Council.

    Time Commitment: Monthly conference calls; plus email communication

    Work Groups: This Committee will oversee one work group to assist with advancing their work forward:

    • Grant Review Work Group

    Ongoing Activities

    • Review and approve requests to survey members
    • Plan and implement the 2016 Prolapse Consensus Conference 
    • Ensure an action plan exists and implementation is monitored
    • Consider how the Consensus Conference could be an annual event focused on a specific topic each year
    • Oversee funding opportunities for AUGS and its members
      • Potential for AUGS to submit for NIH, CDC, PCORI grants, etc.
      • Publishing funding announcements for members
      • Oversee the Foundation grants program
      • Support the PFD Research Registry Committee as needed
    • Develop mechanisms to respond to late-breaking research findings/requests from other societies 



    Purpose: Ensure an infrastructure is in place to support multi-center research networks within AUGS and provide opportunities for AUGS members to engage in multi-center studies.

    Composition: The Network Committee will be comprised of a Chair and Vice Chair. Each Network will have their own advisory group to oversee the operations of the network and to provide mentorship and guidance to the network. The Research Council can determine if there is value in adding additional committee members to help to support and advance the goals for the Networks.

    Time Commitment: Monthly conference calls

    Work Groups: This Committee will oversee two work groups, Network Advisory Groups, to assist with advancing their work forward:

    • Junior Faculty Research Network (JFRN) Advisory Group
    • AUGS-SGS Fellows Pelvic Research Network (FPRN) Advisory Group

    Ongoing Activities:

    • JFRN


    Terminology Committee

    Purpose: The Terminology Committee serves the Society through ensuring standardized terminology exists for FPMRS. Terminology should include the definition, structure for physician-reported and patient-reported outcomes. The Committee also ensures standard terminology is utilized in AUGS generated work product (guidelines, registries, networks, ICD-10 codes, etc.)

    Composition: The Terminology Committee will be comprised of a Chair and Vice Chair. Ideal number of committee members to be determined by the Research Council with consultation from the Terminology Committee Chair.

    Time Commitment: Monthly conference calls, email communication and participation on project-specific calls; review and editing of documents in between conference calls.

    Ongoing Activities:

    • Represent AUGS in joint terminology documents (ICS, IUGA)
    • This is a new committee and ongoing activities will evolve as the committee matures

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