AUGS Councils and Committees

    In 2016, AUGS moved to a council structure to create a nimble governance structure to continue to advance the Board approved strategic plan and to support the future growth of AUGS. The new structure encourages more crosstalk and collaboration amongst committees. 

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    The Society's councils and committees are responsible for developing and maintaining the programs and policies that support the Society's mission. Members interested in committee membership should submit their name, contact information, and committee of interest during the annual Call for Volunteers process which occurs in the spring.


    Education Council 
    Purpose: The Education Council evaluates the needs of health care providers focused on Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery or treating women with pelvic floor disorders and develops an educational strategy which is responsive to those needs. On this council serve “big picture, visionaries” for our long-term educational strategy.

    Chair: AnnaMarie Connolly, MD  

    Research Council 
    Purpose: The Research Council oversees the research initiatives, programs and services on behalf of AUGS and the subspecialty. The Council ensures an up-to-date research agenda exists for FPMRS and ensures it is used to direct the Research Registry, Networks, Foundation Grants and other AUGS programs.  

    Chair: Catherine Bradley, MD, MSCE 

    Quality Council 
    The Quality Council oversees all the quality-related regulatory issues and initiatives on behalf of AUGS and the subspecialty. The Council ensures the standard of care is defined in FPMRS and provides tools and resources for urogynecologists to track and measure their outcomes to improve patient care.  

    Chair: Mandy Pulliam, MD  

    Clinical Practice Council
    Purpose: T
    he Clinical Practice Council oversees those programs and services that impact the clinical practice of FPMRS and identifies areas for improvement. The Council ensures members are provided with the necessary resources, tools and knowledge to enhance their practice and provide quality patient care taking into consideration the various regulatory changes.  

    Chair: Miles Murphy, MD 

    Outreach Council
    The Outreach Council brings together those committees that are focused on outreach to the membership and the public. The Council serves to monitor the needs of members and patients and ensures AUGS has the programs and services established to meet those needs.  

    Chair: Star Hampton, MD


    Board Level Committees


    Audit Committee

    Sandra R. Valaitis, MD

    Amy Rosenman, MD
    Patrick Culligan, MD

    Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Yearly audit of the Society
    • Oversee the Foundation 990 and tax statement

    Finance Committee

    Raymond T. Foster, Sr., MD, MS, MHSc

    Board Liaison:
    Charles Rardin, MD

    Karen L. Noblett, MD 
    Michael Karram, MD
    Terry White, MD
    Veronica T Mallett, M.D.

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Provide oversight on the annual budget and ensure sound financial practices for both the Society and Foundation
    • Identify areas for potential expense reduction or revenue increases with help of staff
    • Review monthly financial statements in detail
    • Provide guidance to the Treasurer during the fiscal review of the association management company contract and fees
    • Review investment strategy and accounts

    Governance Committee

    Halina Zycynski, MD

    Amy Rosenman, MD
    Sandra R. Valaitis, MD
    Adam Steinberg, DO
    Deborah Myers, MD

    Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Oversee the process and governance by which the Society and Foundation function
    • Review policy and procedures manual and bylaws to ensure up to date
    • Conduct an annual assessment of the Board of Directors
    • Ensure conflict of interests are disclosed and handled appropriately
    • Review and revise roles and responsibilities of committees on an annual basis, with appropriate review of related policies and procedures
    • Review and monitor best practices in association management
    • Oversee the Call for Volunteers and Officer Nomination Process
    • Establish a process for vetting of Board candidate


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