2014 AUGS Committee Rosters

    The Society's numerous committees are responsible for developing and maintaining the programs and policies that support the Society's mission. Members interested in committee membership should submit their name, contact information, and committee of interest during the annual Call for Volunteers process which occurs in the spring (May).

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    Audit Committee

    Catherine Matthews, MD

    Amy Rosenman, MD
    Patrick Culligan, MD

    Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Yearly audit of the Society
    • Oversee the Foundation 990 and tax statement

    Education Committee

    Steven E. Swift, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Douglass S. Hale, MD

    Course Directors - Comprehensive Review Course:
    Mark D. Walters, MD

    Director - Education Portal:
    Steven Minaglia, MD

    Director of Graduate/Post Graduate Education:
    Leslie Rickey, MD

    Graduate/Post Graduate Education Subcommittee Members:
    Cara Grimes, MD
    Gary Sutkin, MD
    Gretchen Lentz, MD
    Gena Dunivan, MD
    Sylvia Botros-Brey, MD
    Amanda White, MD
    Grace Chen, MD

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Lauren Lawson

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Development of resident and medical student materials
    • Development of educational materials for continuing education of its members

    Finance Committee

    Ryan R. Stratford, MD, MBA

    Board Liaison: 
    Douglass S. Hale, MD

    Mikio A. Nihira, MD, MPH
    Ray Foster, MD
    Michael Flynn, MD
    Catherine Matthews, MD

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Identify areas for potential expense reduction or revenue increases with help of staff
    • Review monthly financial statements in detail
    • Provide guidance to the Treasurer during the fiscal review of the association management company contract and fees
    • Review investment strategy and accounts

    Governance Committee

    Amy Rosenman, MD

    Anthony Visco, MD
    Catherine Matthews, MD
    Roger Goldberg, MD
    Deborah Myers, MD

    Staff Liaison:
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Review policy and procedures manual and bylaws to ensure up to date
    • Conduct an annual assessment of the Board of Directors
    • Ensure conflict of interests are disclosed and handled appropriately
    • Review and revise roles and responsibilities of committees on an annual basis, with appropriate review of related policies and procedures
    • Review and monitor best practices in association management
    • Oversee the Call for Volunteers and Officer Nomination Process
    • Establish a process for vetting of Board candidate


    Guidelines Development Committee

    Cheryl Iglesia, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Patrick J. Culligan, MD

    Michael Heit, MD, PhD
    Shawn Menefee, MD
    Paul Tulikangas, MD
    Alison Weidner, MD
    Cassie Carberry, MD
    Renee Ward, MD
    Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Colleen Hughes

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for FPMRS
    • Review position statements and joint committee opinions (as needed by Board)
    • Develop mechanisms to respond to late-breaking research findings/recs from other societies

    Health Policy Committee

    Renee Edwards, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Roger P. Goldberg, MD, MPH

    Health Policy Committee - Coding Subcommittee

    Lora Plaskon, MD

    Vice Chair
    Marc Toglia, MD
    Bob Harris, MD
    Mitch Schuster, MD
    Scott Poehlmann, MD
    William Porter, MD
    Aparna Diwan Shah, MD
    Tanaz R. Ferzandi, MD, MA

    SUFU Liaison: Roger R. Dmochowski, MD

    Health Policy Committee - Quality Outcomes Subcommittee


    Rony Adam, MD

    Vice Chair
    Samantha Pulliam, MD
    Sage Claydon, MD
    Blair Washington, MD
    James Whiteside, MD
    Michael Woods, MD
    Jeff Mangel, MD
    Daniel Morgan, MD
    Mark Preston, MD
    Melanie Santos, MD
    Tatiana Sanses, MD

    SUFU Liaison: J. Christian Winters, MD 

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Colleen Hughes

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Coordinate the external liaisons and relationships with Government Relations branches of other professional and advocacy groups for the Society
    • Monitor the legislative and regulatory environment
    • Respond to member coding questions and track them via the Coding Vault
    • Develop enduring materials for annual coding courses
    • Develop quality performance measures
    • Develop quality improvement resources for AUGS members

    Membership Committee

    Adam Steinberg, DO

    Board Liaison:
    Sandra Culbertson, MD

    Kyle Wohlrab, MD
    Lieschen Quiroz, MD
    Mary Brandes, MD
    Lori Berkowitz, MD
    Peter Jeppson, MD
    Peter Finamore, MD
    Richard Mooney, Jr., MD
    Tyler Muffly, MD
    Azin Shahryarinejad, MD
    Colleen Mellen, APRN
    Marsha Guess, MD
    Sara Cichowski, MD
    Pam Moalli, MD
    Star Hampton, MD

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Mollie Brooks

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Determine the needs of members and potential members.
    • Identify new strategies to increase the value of AUGS membership and work with staff to implement them.
    • Oversight of Fellows SIG, Allied Health SIG, Basic Science SIG

    Public Relations and Communications Committee

    Stacey J. Wallach, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Karen Noblett, MD

    G. Bernard Taylor, MD
    Megan Schimpf, MD
    Shazia Malik, MD, FACOG
    Matthew Barker, MD
    John Occhino, MD
    Michael Fialkow, MD
    Sangeeta Mahajan, MD
    Danielle Antosh, MD
    Sherrie Palm

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Tristan Wood

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Oversee Web site, media relations and public and professional outreach work groups
    • Recognition of AUGS’ member achievements

    Program Committee

    Halina Zyczynski, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Peter Rosenblatt, MD

    Dennis Miller, MD
    Emily Whitcomb, MD
    Eric Sokol, MD
    Chris LaSala, MD
    Kathleen Connell, MD
    John Fischer, MD
    Minita Patel, MD
    Colleen Mellen, APRN 

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Lauren Lawson

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Plan and organize an Annual Scientific Meeting
    • Review and update the Annual Scientific Meeting Planning Handbook
    • Identify topics and faculty for annual webinar series


    Research Committee

    Vivian Sung, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Cindy Amundsen, MD

    W. Thomas Gregory, MD
    Pamela Moalli, MD, PhD
    Emily Lukacz, MD
    Marsha Guess, MD
    Jennifer Anger, MD, MPH
    Gina Northington, MD, PhD
    Matthew Fraser, PhD
    Elizabeth Geller, MD
    Yuko Komesu, MD
    Lily Arya, MD, MS

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Colleen Hughes

    Ongoing Committee Activities:

    • Review the PFD Research Foundation grants
    • Review and approve requests to survey members
    • Develop fellows research training programs
    • Develop AUGS research priorities/plan


    Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry

    Steering Committee


    Matthew Barber, MD, Chair

    Vice Chair:
    Ingrid Nygaard, MD

    Board Liaison:
    Anthony Visco, MD

    Vivian Sung, MD, AUGS Research Committee Chair
    Rony Adam, MD, AUGS Quality Subcommittee Chair
    Ryan Stratford, MD, AUGS Treasurer
    Joanna Cain, MD, Women’s Health Registry Alliance Representative
    Michelle Zinnert, CAE, AUGS Executive Director, ex-officio member

    Scientific Committee

    Catherine Bradley, MD  

    Board Liaison:
    Emily Weber-LeBrun, MD  

    Sarah Boyles, MD
    Robert Gutman, MD
    Pamela Moalli, MD
    Michael Moen, MD
    Stuart Reynolds, MD
    Holly Richter, MD
    Stuart Shippey, MD
    Rosanne Kho, MD, ACOG Liaison
    Cheryl Iglesia, MD, AUGS Guidelines Committee Chair Liaison
    Vivian Sung, MD, Research Committee Chair Liaison
    Emily (Mimi) Lukacz, MD, AUGS Research Committee Liaison

    AUGS Staff Liaison:
    Kate Detweiler

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