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What is ACQUIRE?


ACQUIRE is the AUGS Community for Quality Improvement Using Real-world Evidence, a national urogynecology-focused quality improvement platform open to all physicians designed to provide access to real-world evidence to a community of practitioners working to improve patient care for our patient population.

ACQUIRE and its SUI surgery module are an ongoing commitment of the American Urogynecologic Society to improve care for women with pelvic floor disorders. The Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) Surgery Module was developed in conjunction with the Women’s Health Technologies Coordinated Registry Network, a project of MDEpiNet. The ACQUIRE SUI Module is the first national, condition specific, broadly accessible quality assessment tool for surgeons performing SUI surgery.

The module is used to collect robust ‘real world’ data regarding surgeons’ practices linked to objective and subjective outcomes of their patients who undergo any surgery for improvement in SUI and includes a patient reported outcomes (PRO) component. The data collected from surgeons and their patients is used to strengthen surveillance and improve outcomes and the safety of SUI surgery. Patients are followed for a minimum of three years.

The ACQUIRE SUI Surgery Module quality improvement program is designed to address two overarching goals:

  1. To provide participating surgeons a quality assessment tool that will generate benchmark reports to identifying areas for self-improvement with respect to a) compliance with quality measures, and b) clinical outcomes of their SUI patients.  
  2. To compare long-term (3+ years) clinical outcomes after the most commonly performed SUI continence procedures from an aggregate data set of SUI patients.    

Your investment in generating this real-world evidence is essential to increasing the quality of care urogynecologists provide and preserving choices for women having SUI surgery.

Below are some common questions you may have as a first-time ACQUIRE user.

Who can use ACQUIRE?

ACQUIRE is designed for surgeons and their office managers or staff to use. At this time, ACQUIRE does not support APPs including NPs and PTs. If you are in an academic setting but would like to use ACQUIRE for benchmarking purposes, please contact for more information

How much does ACQUIRE cost?

ACQUIRE is free to all AUGS members! Contact to join the registry as a non-member. 

What kind of data do I enter into ACQUIRE? How long does data entry take?

Data entry is designed to be quick and easy; each patient should take only three to five minutes to complete.

The information we collect is usually readily available in your EHR. In addition to basic medical history and information about the index surgery, there are two key components to the program: collection of unique device identifier (UDI) information, and patient and provider-reported outcomes. You and your patients will be asked to complete questionnaires at 6 weeks post-surgery, and at one, two, and three-years post-surgery. A complete set of the included data elements is available for review in the Case Report Form (CRF).

What are the benefits of ACQUIRE?

  • Coming soon: Real-time benchmarking for providers to see their performance, and will soon include the ability to download snapshot reports for comparing performance over time
  • Fulfills MOC Part IV requirements. AUGS staff will provide ABOG with a list of active ACQUIRE users to show they have met their obligation, no further action is required after you sign up for ACQUIRE