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What is AQUIRE?


AQUIRE is the AUGS Urogynecology Quality Registry, a national urogynecology-focused registry open to all physicians that is designed to measure and report healthcare quality and patient outcomes. AQUIRE has been approved by CMS as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry to report data through the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for providers to potentially increase physician reimbursement.

Below are some common questions you may have as a first-time AQUIRE user.

Who can use AQUIRE?

AQUIRE is designed for surgeons and their office managers or staff to use. At this time, AQUIRE does not support APPs including NPs and PTs. If you are in an academic setting but would like to use AQUIRE for benchmarking purposes, please contact Colleen Skau for more information

How much does AQUIRE cost?

AQUIRE is free to all AUGS members! Contact to join the registry as a non-member. The only fees are to participate in MIPS reporting and the Urogynecology Quality Champion program.

What kind of data do I enter into AQUIRE? How long does data entry take?

Data entry is designed to be quick and easy; each patient should take only three to five minutes to complete. Questions include basic demographic data, diagnosis and pre-operative screening, a few questions about the surgery itself, and three questions about post-operative complications.

What are the benefits of AQUIRE?

  • Real-time benchmarking for providers to see their performance, and will soon include the ability to download snapshot reports for comparing performance over time
  • Fulfills MOC Part IV requirements. AUGS staff will provide ABOG with a list of active AQUIRE users to show they have met their obligation, no further action is required after you sign up for AQUIRE
  • Critical part of the Urogynecology Champion Program. Providers who want to be eligible for this distinction must enter at least 50 patients into AQUIRE in 2018
  • Used to report data to CMS for reimbursement support through the MIPS


"I’m a private practitioner, so we have to navigate the MIPs process on our own. AQUIRE certainly streamlined the process and I felt confident that we were meeting the standards." Krishna Das, MD, Hendersonville, NC

See AQUIRE in action!

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