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FPMRS Fellows Lecture Series

The FPMRS Fellows Lecture Series is a new monthly webinar series for fellows. The webinars will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8 pm Eastern and will provide supplemental education on core topics of a basic curriculum common to all programs.


Upcoming Webinars

Transforming Sacral Neuromodulation: Improving Patient and Physician Experience with the Axonics System

Date: January 26, 2021
Time: 8 pm Eastern (7 pm Central, 5 pm Pacific)
SpeakersKimberly Kenton MD, MS, FPMRS, Amandeep Mahal MD, FACOG, FACS
ModeratorKaren Noblett, MD,MBA, FPMRS

Hear three experts and AUGS leaders discuss how the Axonics System has advanced Sacral Neuromodulation, improving the patient experience for those suffering from OAB and FI, and for physicians offering this therapy. Our speakers will review the technology, clinical data, best practices for patient selection and practice implementation, and share their personal experiences with Axonics Therapy.

About the Speakers:

Kimberly Kenton, MD, MS is a professor and Chief of FPMRS at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. She also serves as the Medical Director for Northwestern's Women’s Integrated Pelvic Health Program.  She is a longtime member of AUGS and has held many leadership positions in the organization.

Amandeep Mahal, MD is a practicing FRMRS physician in a multidisciplinary group in Omaha. He recently finished his FPMRS subspecialty training at Stanford.  He was a sub-investigator on the Axonics ARTISAN-SNM study and has served as the ACOG junior fellow district VI chair and on the national ACOG committee.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about how the Axonics System can impact your future practice and help your patients. 
  2. Review the Axonics System: how it works, system components, key clinical data.
  3. Discuss best practices for applying Sacral Neuromodulation into your current and future practices.