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Call for Volunteers

In 2017, the following committees are accepting volunteers:

  • Coding & Reimbursement
  • Education
  • Fellowship Training
  • FPMRS Update Course 
  • Guidelines & Statements
  • Membership
  • Public Education
  • Quality
  • Scientific
  • Systematic Review
  • Terminology

The following SIGs are in need of vice chairs:

  • Advance Practice, Physical Therapy and Allied Health
  • Basic Science
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Fellows (position only open to first and second year fellows)
  • Global Health
  • Mesh and Graft Use

Prior to completing the form, please review:

Application Form

Applicant Information

Committee Member Opportunities

Please select the top four committees on which you would like to serve. 

SIG Vice Chair Opportunities

Please select up to three SIGs for which you would be interested in serving as Vice Chair. 

Other Opportunities


Please provide a narrative biosketch (no CVs), highlighting education, professional experience, strengths, honors and awards, academic, leadership, public service, or community service efforts that make you particularly well-suited for the desired role.

Spell Check

AUGS Activities

List any current or past involvement or activities with AUGS.

Spell Check

Interest Statement

Identify and describe why you are interested in serving on an AUGS committee, what skills you will bring as a member of a committee, and how you feel you can help strengthen AUGS and its mission. Highlight your ability to, among other characteristics, commit time to a committee, meet deadlines, possess critical and strategic thinking skills, and approach resolutions in a team setting.

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Volunteer Policies

I have read the roles and responsibilities for the position to which I am applying and agree to carry out the duties as described during my term if chosen.

I have read and adhere to the AUGS Conflict of Interest Statement and have disclosed industry relations below.


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