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Volunteer for a Committee or Special Interest Group

AUGS committee members guide the organization and the profession. Apply for one of our many volunteer opportunities and help us shape the future of our Society. Roles and responsibilities for our volunteer opportunities are listed below. The Call for Volunteers is now open and all terms begin on October 1, 2017.


Committee and Special Interest Group Positions


Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the AUGS mission, goals and committee charges.
  • Commitment to serve a three-year term (one-year term for fellows).
  • Participate in monthly committee calls (frequency varies by committee).
  • Complete assigned tasks within established timeframes.
  • Report to Committee Chair if completion of assignments and/or committee participation is delayed or not possible.
  • Available for committee communication including phone and email.
  • Attend at least one face-to-face committee meeting (typically held in conjunction with PFD Week). Number of face-to-face meetings varies by committee.
  • Support the majority decision.
  • Notify staff when attending an external meeting/conference on issues that might be of interest to the Society.


Special Interest Group Chair and Vice Chair Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the AUGS mission, goals and committee charges.
  • Act as liaison between SIG members and AUGS leadership.
  • Commitment to serve a two-year term (with exception of Fellows SIG; one-year term).
  • Complete assigned tasks within established timeframes.
  • Available for SIG and staff communication including phone and email.
  • Engage SIG members.
  • Create and implement programs to enhance the SIG community.
  • Build awareness of benefits of SIG membership.
  • Create an annual recruitment plan for obtaining SIG members.
  • Submit three SIG reports to the Board.
  • Complete an annual evaluation form.
  • Plan the SIG Business Meeting held at PFD Week.
  • Submit workshop and roundtable ideas on behalf of the SIG to create educational content at PFD Week.


The Annual Call for Volunteers Opens in May 2017

Members interested in committee membership should submit their name, contact information, and committee of interest during our annual Call for Volunteers process which occurs in the spring (May). All terms begin at the conclusion of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Submit your application to the Call for Volunteers




Call for Volunteers Timeline

May 18 - Call for Volunteers Opens
June 23 - All Volunteer Applications Due
August - Notification of Application Acceptance to Applicants

Call for Officers & Directors Timeline

June - Call for Officers & Directors Opens
July - Last Day to Nominate a Colleague
July - Call for Officers & Directors Closes
July - Runoff Ballot Distributed to Members (if needed)
July - Runoff Ballot Votes Due (if needed)
July - Official Ballot Distributed to Members
July  - Official Ballot Votes Due


Diversity Statement

AUGS embraces and derives value from the variety of views and opinions that diverse individuals bring to a project, and creates a supportive learning environment to foster open communication of diverse perspectives and realities. In valuing organizational diversity, AUGS acts to include and engage with individuals of different races and gender who represent the following characteristics:

  • Geographic area
  • Academic, Private Practice, Hospital-based
  • Urban or Rural
  • Size of Practice
  • Length of time in practice
  • Physicians, Fellows, Affiliates

AUGS makes concerted efforts to reach out to and engage with individuals representing these characteristics for service on the AUGS Board, committees, task forces, and activities.


Conflict of Interest

All applicants are required to read the conflict of interest policy and review the roles and responsibilities of the position they are applying for. Please contact AUGS at with any questions.