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Outstanding Resident Achievement Award

New for 2024, AUGS has split the Resident Scholar Award into two categories to meet the needs of our residents. We are pleased to offer both the Resident Scholarship and the Outstanding Resident Achievement Award. Please carefully review the criteria and submission requirements for each prior to applying.

The AUGS Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes high-performing residents who demonstrate the potential to be future leaders in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (Urogynecology). The award provides funded attendance to PFD Week (AUGS’ Annual Scientific Meeting), along with additional networking opportunities during the meeting.

Program Goals

  • Identify and recognize residents who, through their educational and/or research accomplishments, demonstrate potential to be leaders in the field of Urogynecology.
  • Provide an opportunity for residents to experience the AUGS annual meeting, have exposure to leaders in the field of urogynecology and participate in the meeting activities.
  • Create a network among recipients and leaders in AUGS for life-long career development and support.


Any obstetrics and gynecology or urology resident who at the time of the application is not in their first or last year of residency is invited to apply. Applicants must be from an accredited residency program in the US or Canada.  Applicants will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Level of performance in their program as evidenced by the letter of support from a faculty member.
  • Support of applicant from a urogynecologist at their institution.
  • Level of interest in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery as evidenced in their personal statement.
  • Overall strength of the application as measured by leadership positions and educational or clinical research that has been accomplished during their career.
  • Must be in good standing at their program as evidenced in the letter of support from their program director. 
Application nominations are closed.

AUGS now offers the Resident Scholarship and the Outstanding Resident Achievement Award as an alternative to the Resident Scholars Award. Please carefully review the criteria and submission requirements for each prior to applying.


  • $1,000 travel stipend
  • Complimentary meeting registration for PFD Week 2024

Past Recipients

Formerly the AUGS Resident Scholars program through 2023


Behroz Khushrav Chhor
Steliana Fakas
Lindsay Gugerty
Skiey Tichena Hardin
Taylor Jacob
Elizabeth Kravitz
f Samantha Leggio
Amine Sahmoud
Morgan R. Steffen


Christine Aboseif
Liron Bar-El
Madeline Ann Coulter
Alexandra I. Goodwin
Bryna Harrington
Heather Rosett
Zachary Selzler
Annika Sinha
Kelley Stewart


Surbhi Agrawal
Anouk Benseler
Anarys Bonilla Alvarado
Shani Chibber
Erin Franks
Kelsey Gallo
Ashley Skeith
Danielle Westenberg
Nicole Wood


Vi Duong
Preston Edge
Christopher Hong
Vivienne Meljen
Lauren Montemorano
Lauren Nicola
Hency Patel
Christine Savilo
Mary Van Meter Baker


Pedro Alvarez
Brittni Boyd
Erika Copperman
Deepjana Das
Abigail Davenport
Douglas Gilchrist-Scott
Javier Gonzalez
Whitney Horner
Ioana Marcu


Kelly Benabou
Kelly Bree
Lindsey Burnett
Megan Sloan Cramer
Halley Crissman
Kelsey Dressen
Allison Price Kellogg
Michele O'Shea
Lauren Westbay


Kathryn Barletta
Evelyn Hall
Payton Schmidt
Emily Slopnick
Gabriela Halder
Sarah Steele


Alexander Berger
Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Ann Peters
Aparna Ramaseshan
Amanda Stewart
Rachael Sussman


Carol Emi Bretschneider
Lindsay Brown
Helai Hesham
Daniel Lee
Jeffrey Schachar
Lauren Wood


Kristin Jacobs
Jenifer Lessick
Abigail Shatkin-Margolis
Paul Slocum, Jr.
Benjamin Smith
Stephanie Sullivan


Mary Ackenbom
Jennifer Hallock
Teresa Longoria
Alexandra Mainiero
Michael Shy
Jennifer Yeung


A. Lenore Ackerman
Benjamin Barenberg
Stephanie Norris Lin
Kavita Mishra
Craig Mayr
Kathryn Williams


Lauren Cadish
Judy Choi
Alexis Dieter
Holly Langmuir
Cecile Unger
Paul Yong


Melinda Abernethy-Smith
Mallika Anand
Anthony Gaddi
Meadow Good
Nadine Kassis
Anna Kirby


Elizabeth Griffin Corey
Andrea Kuntaraf Crane
Nicole Korbly
Candace Parker-Autry
Karbo Tam
Hajira Yasmin