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UrogynCREST Application Requirements

All UrogynCREST applications must be submitted through this website by July 26, 2019. Applicants must answer affirmatively to the application questions and upload the required documents.

Application Questions:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Institution Address
  • Year of Fellowship Completion
  • Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?
  • Are you an active AUGS member?
  • Do you have an MD or DO?
  • Do you have (or will you have by September 1 of this year) an appointment as an Assistant Professor?
  • Did you complete fellowship less than 7 years ago?
  • Will your institution commit to providing sufficient time and support for you to complete the UrogynCREST program?
  • Are you committed to a career as a clinician-scientist with an interest in research on PFDs?

Required Documents:

  • NIH-style biosketch. See for a template and example
  • Candidate information. Up to 2 pages detailing:
    • Candidate’s background: describe past accomplishments and experiences relevant to the career development plan (do not need to duplicate detailed information included in the Biosketch)
    • Career goals and objectives: Include short and long term goals
    • Career development plan: Explain how past, current and planned activities, including the proposed research, will help ensure career progression to promote a successful research program​
  • Concept proposal outlining candidate’s area of interest in PFDs (up to 2 pages)
  • Two letters of support from individuals familiar with the candidate’s research activities
    • One letter must be from the applicant’s chairperson or other supervisor demonstrating institutional commitment to the candidate’s completion of the UrogynCREST program

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