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UrogynCREST Program

The NIH/NICHD funded AUGS/DUKE Urogynecology Clinical Research Educational Scientist Training (UrogynCREST) program offers junior faculty (less than 7 years out of fellowship) with a passion for research the chance to increase their knowledge of data science and analytics as well as develop a project that can be the basis of future research grants. This program aims to provide in-depth hands-on instruction for promising young clinical-researchers in the field of PFDs through a combination of online course work in data sciences and one-on-one instruction to design and complete an innovative research project.

The UrogynCREST program has three components. In the first part, participants use the online learning platform Sakai to learn from national data science experts about such topics as dissemination and implementation of research, economic and psychometric analysis, decision-analytic modeling, multivariable inferential statistics, propensity score matching, resampling methods in machine learning, and proficiency with R analysis among others.

In the second part, participants work one-on-one with a clinical mentor and a dedicated statistician/statistical programmer to design and execute a research proposal in PFDs. Ongoing interaction with the clinical mentor will ensure that projects adhere to the highest standards of scientific validity and remain on track.

Participants will have a chance to present their work in the third part of the program as well as prepare a manuscript. Networking among participants will also be encouraged throughout the program so that at the conclusion, participants have connections to facilitate multi-center studies and collaboration on grant applications.


The UrogynCrest Advisory Committee has selected six enthusiastic and capable individuals from various institutions for the 2019  inaugural program year.  The Committee had a very challenging task reviewing a very strong group of Junior Faculty applicants interested in pursuing additional education and training to conduct Health Services Research (the focus of this program). Thank you to all the applied, and we look forward to the next round of applicants in Fall 2020.

Lauren Cadish, MD

Providence St. John’s Health Center

Lee Richter, MD

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

David Sheyn, MD

MetroHealth Medical Center

Megan Bradley, MD

Magee Women’s Hospital –
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Emi Bretschneider, MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Candace Parker-Autry, MD

Wake Forest Baptist Health


Advisory Board

Raymond Foster, MD

University of Missouri

David Rahn, MD

University of Texas Southwestern

Leslie Rickey, MD, MPH 
Yale University
Leslee Subak, MD

Stanford University

W. Stuart Reynolds, MD, MPH

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Anne Suskind, MD, MS

University of California San Francisco




Jennifer Anger, MD, MPH

Cedars Sinai Hospital

W. Thomas Gregory, MD

Oregon Health and Science University

Victoria Handa, MD, MPH

Johns Hopkins University

Scales Jr.
Charles Scales, MD, MSHS

Duke University

Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
John E. Jelovsek, MD, MMEd, MSPA

Duke University

Jerry Lowder, MD, MSc

Washington University St. Louis

Jonathan Routh, MD, MPH
Duke University
Vivian Sung, MD, MPH

Women & Infants Hospital in Rhode Island



Program Administration

Program Coordinator 
Rebecca Kameny, PhD

Duke University

Program Director
Cindy Amundsen, MD

Duke University