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Business Side of Medicine

Business Side of Medicine

May 31-June 1, 2024 | Virtual


Business is playing an increasingly important role in modern medicine. This course will address challenges such as rising healthcare costs, information management, resource allocation, and efficient healthcare delivery.

Whether you’re looking to set your practice up right the first time or get tips on how to improve your current practice, this course will provide you with insights, guidance, and advice on navigating modern medicine.

As physicians we strive to provide excellent care for our patients. However, often you are not given the tools or knowledge to navigate physician reimbursement, coding, contract negotiations or practice optimization. Business continues to play an increasingly important role in modern medicine and we must increase our knowledge in this area to ensure our success, the success of our practice and the ultimate care of our patients.  

The rules of the government are growing increasingly complex, and we must keep up with the rules to be successful in our practice. This course will provide insights to those just entering practice, but also our seasoned colleagues by helping everyone understand how physicians are paid in medicine today so we can all realize the joy of practicing urogynecology something for which we have trained very hard to do.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will

  • Understand how advanced practice providers offer benefit to patients and how they increase the productivity and efficiency of the surgical practice.
  • Learn how to negotiate your compensation and articulate your needs with a potential employer.
  • Obtain an understanding of RVU composition and its use in productivity analysis.
  • Gain insights into the CMS rules that govern coding and reimbursement for outpatient encounters, as well as how to code single and multiple procedures during an office, surgical center, or hospital encounter


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