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Fellowship Showcase

Join us for AUGS 2023 Virtual Fellowship Showcase. This social media event, taking place November 13-17th, 2023, will make it easy to showcase your fellowship program to Urogynecology Fellowship applicants. This unique event was created to help fellowship programs connect with residents and to help residents learn about programs through a standardized platform.

Why should you participate in the Virtual Fellowship Showcase?

  • You control the message and standardize the information applicants receive regarding your program
  • You reach a large, targeted audience in a cost-effective way
  • Social media provides an equal-opportunity platform, regardless of your marketing budget
  • Applicants can access concrete information directly from the source, reducing the spread of inaccurate information or hearsay
  • This structure provides a condensed time frame for applicants and program leaders to connect on social media platforms

How will it work?

  • Create posts relevant to the daily suggested topics listed below
  • Consider updating your social media profiles to include a link to your program’s website and the full name of your program as listed in the Electronic Residency Application Service or National Resident Matching Program
  • Promote your fellowship program by posting information on the fellowship-specific social media platform(s) of your choice
  • Use designated hashtags #FutureFellowsofAUGS, #FutureUrogynFellows, #AUGSFellowshipShowcase
  • Tag AUGS on social with @urogynsociety
  • Programs are welcomed to create their own content or use Canva templates from AUGS


What topics should you cover to showcase your program?

Day 1: Monday, November 13
Fellow spotlights and takeover 
  • Post photos, bios, and videos of fellows
  • What are their interests outside of medicine?
  • Fellows career paths after fellowship
  • Include photos and videos of the hospital, fellow workroom, and clinics
  • Which rotations are included each year?
Day 2: Tuesday, November 14
Faculty spotlights and areas of excellence
  • Post photos, bios, and videos of attending physicians
  • Highlight any current research projects
  • Highlight the unique strengths of your program, such as access to simulation training, community outreach programs, international electives, and specialty clinics
Day 3: Wednesday, November 15
Program curriculum, rotation information, and clinical highlights
  • How many hospitals are included in rotations?
  • Which rotations are included each year?
  • What are the call and vacation schedules like?
  • Are there any further sub-specialized clinics? (postpartum, gender affirmation, bowel symptom management)
  • Are there unique patient populations that you serve?
  • Does your program provide global health opportunities?
Day 4: Thursday, November 16
Fellow research, advocacy, and teaching  
  • How does your program address #MedEd? 
  • How does your program address diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Highlight any current research projects
  • How does your program support fellow research?
Day 5: Friday, November 17
Interprofessional and institutional spotlights
  • How do the fellows and faculty interact with health care professionals in other specialties and advanced practice providers and nurses?
  • Highlight interprofessional and cross-specialty education and collaboration
  • Introduce the program director or manager and share highlights 


What are some tips and tricks to help your program stand out?

  • Include in all social media bios a link to the program’s website and the official program name as listed in the Electronic Residency Application Service—avoid acronyms and consider adding a program code or the program’s city and state
  • Consider brainstorming, creating, and editing your content ahead of time
  • Tag relevant fellows and faculty in your posts
  • Include hashtags such as #OBGYN, #ObGynTwitter, and #MedEd to expand your reach