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Board of Directors Job Descriptions

Job Description: Vice President

The position of Vice President will serve a term of four years. One year in each of the following positions: vice president, president-elect, president and immediate past president.


  1. Act in place of the President-elect when required.
  2. Serve as a member of the Executive and Finance Committees.
  3. Perform other duties as assigned by the President


Job Description: Foundation Vice Chair

The PFD Research Foundation Chair serves a champion for advancing the PFD Research Foundation's mission to transform the lives of women through the support of innovative and effective research that advances the prevention, treatment and cure of female pelvic floor disorders. Upon completion of a two-year term, the individual serving as Vice-Chair shall ascend to the position of Foundation Chair for a two-year term.


  1. Identify and pursue funding sources in industry and within the AUGS Membership
  2. Develop and oversee the implementation of an annual development plan that creates new fundraising opportunities, maintains existing strategies and recognizes Foundation donors.
  3. Participate in regularly scheduled conference calls with the staff liaison to discuss Foundation issues and development planning
  4. Attend and participate in four AUGS and PFD Research Foundation Board meetings per year.
  5. Participate in other committees and associated phone conference calls such as Finance Committee (Vice Chair) and Governance Committee (Chair) on an as needed basis.


Job Description: Director at Large (aka Member at Large)


  1. Assist the officers in providing oversight on AUGS’ future direction in meeting the goals of the Society and membership growth.
  2. Participate actively in Board meetings and the governance of the Society through formulation, review and execution oversight of the business decisions guiding the overall direction of AUGS.
  3. Participate in the development of the AUGS Strategic Plan.
  4. Act as a liaison between AUGS committees and the Board.
  5. Assist officers in identifying volunteers and future Board members.