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President's Perspective

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  • Menefee
    6/7/2020 3:00:00 PM

    AUGS Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Call for Volunteers

    After my President’s Perspective on racial equity and diversity, AUGS received numerous letters expressing thoughts on our sub-specialty history, member...

  • Menefee
    6/2/2020 12:50:00 PM

    Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations

    We are making our annual Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations to move our Society forward. Now more than ever we need our members to engage and participate...

  • Menefee
    2/20/2020 1:16:00 PM

    PFD Week 2020 Vancouver

    As many of you are preparing your abstracts for PFD Week 2020, I wanted to update everyone on a few changes to the annual meeting structure. In an effort...