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President's Perspective

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  • Cundiff__5b1_5d2018
    8/2/2019 1:18:00 PM

    AUGS Creates a Patient Advisory Group

    The American Urogynecologic Society was founded to serve the needs of medical professionals serving women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Patients...

  • Cundiff__5b1_5d2018
    6/6/2019 10:50:00 AM

    AUGS Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses

    In recent months many members of AUGS have been frustrated by misinformation related to surgical technologies and materials that creates fear and anxiety...

  • Cundiff__5b1_5d2018
    5/22/2019 10:57:00 AM

    Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations

    Have you ever thought about volunteering to help AUGS? It is that time of year for our annual Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations, so maybe you should....