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AUGS Member Research Surveys

AUGS Survey Policy

AUGS members seeking to survey the membership, or subsections of the membership, may submit an AUGS Survey Request Form below. All surveys are to be submitted to and adjudicated by the Scientific Committee; independent surveys conducted via membership directories, distribution lists or listservs are strictly prohibited.  The Scientific Committee will approve surveys based on scientific merit and value of the proposed project; the Committee reserves the right to request additional information.

Following submission of the proposal to the Scientific Committee, approved surveys will be distributed and administered by AUGS staff.  Changes to the content or form of the survey are not permitted after approval.

All proposed surveys should include terminology that stipulates, “by participating in this activity, you attest that you are over the age of 18 years, and consent to participate.”  Additional consent language may be requested at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.

Two types of surveys are available to members.

  1. Electronically distributed surveys
    • Following approval, the survey will be distributed to AUGS membership at large, or designated subcategory, via SurveyMonkey.
    • AUGS staff will administer the survey, and provide collected data to the survey/project authors at the conclusion.  No data processing or statistical analysis will be provided by AUGS staff.
    • There is a $200 fee for surveys approved for electronic distribution
  2. In-person surveys distributed at PFD Week
    • Up to 2 survey projects may be approved for distribution at PFD Week
    • Requests must be submitted to the Scientific Committee by June 30.
    • Survey author is responsible for printing all surveys and mailing them to the meeting site in advance. AUGS staff will ensure the survey is included in the attendee packets. 
    • AUGS staff will provide collection boxes for completed surveys near the Registration Desk and/or at the back of the conference hall, and will mail collected surveys to the designated individuals.
    • AUGS staff will not provide data entry, content evaluation or statistical analysis services.
    • There is a $250 fee for surveys approved for in-person distribution at PFD Week.

It is expected that academic projects arising from AUGS surveys will be submitted for consideration to the AUGS journal (Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery) and/or for presentation at an AUGS event such as PFD Week.

Utilization of AUGS Generated Research Policy

Any research initiated, sponsored and/or generated by AUGS and its Committees, Networks or at face-to-face meetings may not be released to the press or be used for the purposes of presentation or publication in a scientific journal without the permission of the AUGS Board of Directors or their designee. Requests for usage of data should be submitted to for review and consideration. Any repurposing of survey findings must include the following acknowledgement: Data for this paper was used with permission from AUGS

Survey Request Form

Please submit the following information in one Word or PDF document along with this form.  Applications submitted with out the following information will not be accepted:

  • Background:  less than ½ page, summarizing the context for the scientific question to be addressed by the survey
  • Specific Aims:  Less than ½ page, specifically stating the aims and/or hypotheses to be addressed by the survey
  • Methods:  Less than 1 page, summarizing the rationale for the survey items and the proposed methods of analysis
  • Sample size:  Less than ½ pages, summarizing the sample size needed to address the relevant scientific questions.
  • Questionnaire:  The proposed survey instrument should be submitted in the exact format intended for distribution to the AUGS members.