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Awardee Information

Evaluation of Applications 
The evaluation of applications will be the responsibility of the AUGS Foundation Grant Review Committee. Criteria for selection will consist of the following:

  • The quality and significance of the proposed research project.
  • The scholarly, clinical and research qualifications of the candidate and mentoring team.
  • Well-described plan for academic career development and the acquisition of future funding.
  • The accuracy and completeness of the application.

Funding for 1-year grants will be in one installment paid upon signing of the letter of agreement. 

Funding for 2-year grants will occur in two equal installments: upon signing of the letter of agreement and within 60 days after the 1-year interim progress report is reviewed and approved by AUGS Foundation. The AUGS Foundation reserves the right to withhold the second payment if adequate progress has not occurred.  

Awardee Obligations
Awardees may be asked to present a progress report at future AUGS Foundation Luncheons, and they are expected to submit an abstract of their research results to an AUGS Annual Scientific Meeting within 1-2 years of award completion.

1-year Award winners must submit a final report of their research results (or training activity) within one year of receiving funding.

2-year Award winners must submit a 1-year interim progress report within one year of receiving funding and a final report within two years of receiving funding.