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UrogynCREST Application

Please upload the following required documents:

  • NIH-style biosketch. See for a template and example
  • Candidate information. Up to 2 pages detailing:
    • Your background: describe past accomplishments and experiences relevant to the career development plan (do not need to duplicate detailed information included in the biosketch).
    • Career goals and objectives: Include short and long term goals.
    • Career development plan: Explain how past, current and planned activities, including the proposed research, will help ensure career progression to promote a successful research program​. Please describe your plan to set aside an appropriate amount of time to complete the 2-year UrogynCREST Program that includes coursework, development of a study design, data analysis and manuscript submission.
  • Concept proposal in your area of interest in pelvic floor disorders (up to 2 pages). This does not need to be fully fleshed out, however, do address the following areas (as appropriate) as best you can:
    • Background
    • Study question
    • Study design
      • Population
      • Proposed database
      • Study variables of interest
      • Comparison/Control
      • Outcomes
      • Covariates/confounders
      • Statistical analysis
  • Two letters of support from individuals familiar with your research activities
    • One letter must be from your Chair/Division Director supporting your commitment to complete the UrogynCREST program.
    • The other letter can be from a research collaborator and can be from outside your institution.


Complete the application by August 26, 2020 to be considered for the UrogynCREST Program.