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Events & Classes

September 2020 Events

Current Events:

  • 9/30
    • Advancing Basic and Translational Research for Genitourinary Conditions
      9 30, 2020 - 11 18, 2020 - (All Day Event)
      These sessions will convene a multiperspective brain trust, including basic, translational, and clinical researchers at all stages of their careers; health professionals; patients; and industry representatives. Our topic is Female Urethral Function and Failure. Workshop participants will share knowledge, ask questions, and engage in real-time and asynchronous discussions regarding urethral function and failure.
  • 10/15

Looking Forward:

  • 11/16
    • BAUN Annual Conference and Exhibition
      11 16, 2020 - 11 17, 2020 - (All Day Event)
      We want to reassure you that this year’s conference will have the same educational content and networking you would have received in a physical setting, including abstracts, awards and a virtual exhibition.
      BAUN Jubilee Conference 2020’s online platform is powered by the UK’s leading conference recording and streaming specialists and we are working harder than ever to provide a superior experience for both delegates and exhibitors.
  • 11/18
    • ICS 2020
      11 18, 2020 - 11 21, 2020 - (All Day Event)
      International Continence Society's 50th Annual Meeting