2016 Prolapse Consensus Conference

    November 10-11, 2016
    Baltimore, MD

    The 2016 Prolapse Consensus Conference brings together thought leaders representing private and public stakeholders who are actively engaged in prolapse treatment and research to identify the current, critical steps required for improving treatment and reducing the impact of prolapse on women’s lives. The desired outcome is an evidence-based, multi-dimensional, comprehensive strategy that will become an AUGS driven action plan to advance prolapse research and treatment. 

    Scientists and clinicians who are actively engaged in research or practice of women with pelvic floor disorders are invited to attend this conference. 

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    Key Issues

    The 2016 Prolapse Consensus Conference will consider the following key issues:

    1. The need for clinical trials to optimize surgical outcomes after prolapse surgery (native tissue and graft or mesh-augmented repairs) 
    2. Development of novel graft or materials that provide mechanical support, while maintaining compatibility with native vaginal tissue
    3. Large-scale and/or community-based research using standardized prolapse outcome measures
    4. Mechanistic research on pelvic supportive structures and how these are altered with pregnancy, delivery, and aging
    5. Development of evidence-based quality measures for prolapse outcomes


    AUGS has identified four stakeholder groups who will participate and provide their unique perspectives on the key research issues. These groups include:

    • AUGS Investigators/researchers
    • Funding agencies
    • Industry partners
    • Patient advocacy groups

    The invited representatives have been asked to share their perspective on one or more of these key research issues, in particular, where they perceive that progress is most likely to advance the field and the critical roadblocks that are impeding progress. 

    Attendees will have an opportunity to help shape the future action plan by participating in working group sessions. The work groups will be asked to reflect on the information presented and determine what AUGS and/or external stakeholders can do to address the research gaps identified. Each working group will have a lead facilitator who will develop an executive summary of ideas and action items for each key topic. These action items might be completed within AUGS (use of the Registry, creation of a research network, guidelines, quality outcome measures, etc.), as well as externally.


    Hilton Baltimore
    401 West Pratt Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201 

    Schedule of Events

    View the full schedule of events for the Prolapse Consensus Conference. 

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