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General Reimbursement Updates

General Reimbursement Updates

Congress Mitigates Medicare Payment Cuts in Year-End Omnibus Spending Package

Proper Use of the -25 Modifier

Telehealth Services

-59 Modifier Distinct Procedural Services

CPT code 52000 Cystourethroscopy (separate procedure)

Understanding the RUC Survey Instrument

Establishing Reimbursement Amounts for Procedures, It’s in Your Hands!

United Healthcare policies regarding hysterectomy may impact preauthorization and reimbursement

Use of Modifiers with NCCI Edits when Clinical Circumstances are Appropriate

Vaginal Hysterectomy Coding Update: Claims Eligible for Resubmission on April 1, 2015

CMS NCCI Letters

NCCI Chart with PTP edits and descriptors

NCCI Letter 3/2018- Code 44312

NCCI Letter 6/2016- Codes 51860, 51865, 51880, 52000

NCCI Letter 10/2016- Codes 57267

NCCI Letter 12/2015- Codes 58552-585542

NCCI Letter 10/2015- Codes: 44005 and 58660

NCCI Letter 11/2014- Codes 52000

Disclaimer:The Coding and Reimbursement Committee of the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) assists members with the application of governmental regulations and guidelines regarding terminology and CPT/ICD coding in urogynecologic practice. Such information is intended to assist with the coding process as required by governmental regulation and should not be construed as policy sanctioned by AUGS. AUGS disclaims liability for actions or consequences related to any of the information provided. AUGS does not endorse the diagnostic protocol or treatment plan designed by the provider.