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Fellowship Application Key Dates

Welcome to Urogynecology Fellowship Application Season! 

We are so glad you are applying! For the 2023-24 application season, many urogynecology programs have chosen to participate in a cooperative effort to streamline the process. The goal is help you coordinate interviews at your preferred programs as offered, have enough time to get coverage for your interview dates, and hopefully decrease the stress of the application process.


Urgynecology Fellowship Application: Key Dates


ERAS opens for application submission.


Fellowships may begin reviewing applications.


Application deadline for consideration of first round of interview offers by participating urogynecology programs.


Participating urogynecology programs will send out first round of interview offers on this date, by 8 pm Eastern.


Applicants will accept or decline first round interview offers by 8 pm Eastern.


Interview season opens for participating urogynecology programs.


Interview season ends for participating urogynecology programs.


If you submit your Urogynecology Fellowship application by January 22, 2024, you will be considered in the first round of interview offers for all participating programs and your first interview invitations will all come out on February 12, 2024. You will have one week to accept or decline the offer. Failure to respond will be considered declining the invitation. If you do not receive an interview invitation from a desired program in the first round, you are still eligible for subsequent invitation unless otherwise notified by the program. If you submit your application after January 22, 2024, you may still be considered by participating programs and interview offers will be made after February 12, 2023. Participating programs have been asked to start their interview days after March 1, 2024 to allow you enough time to obtain coverage at work and make travel arrangements.

Urogynecology program participation is not mandatory. However, it is anticipated that the majority of programs will participate. Programs have been asked to identify their participation in this process on the AUGS Interview Dates webpage. You may contact the program coordinator to confirm participation if it is unclear.