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Virtual Fellows' Forum

Are you a third-year fellow ready to start your urogynecology career? Whether you are considering academic medicine or private practice (or if you aren't sure yet!), starting your search for the perfect first job can be both exciting and overwhelming. And we are all feeling a little uncertain after the changes in medical institutions and practices with COVID-19 - how will this impact your job search? We want to help! The AUGS Fellowship Training Committee is pleased to present: 

How to Navigate the Job Market in the Current Climate

Speakers: Patrick Culligan, MD; Mitch Schuster, MD; Jessica Zigman, MD 
Moderator: Paula Doyle, MD

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FPMRS Fellow Webinar Series 

AUGS, SGS and SUFU created a limited webinar series to engage fellows in supplemental learning during the COVID-19 crisis. The series features virtual didactic lectures that align with the FPMRS Guide to Learning given by world-renowned faculty in urology and gynecology. A case-based panel discussion and Q&A session follows each lecture.

The full webinar series is available for viewing on the AUGS YouTube channel. Each webinar can be accessed using the links below.

Understanding Your Patient's Surgical History: NUP, IVS, RPU, Mesh Kits
Speaker: Charles Rardin, MD 
Panelists: Peter Rosenblatt, MD; Roger Goldberg, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Rectovaginal Fistulas
Speaker: Patrick Culligan, MD
Panelists: Kim Kenton, MD; Keisha Dyer, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Emptying Problems in Women
Speaker: Victor Nitti, MD
Panelists: David Ginsberg, MD; Christopher Tarnay, MD
Moderator: William Winkelman, MD
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Anatomy of Level III: Surgery, Prolapse, and Operative Failure
Speaker: John DeLancey, MD
Panelists: Anthony Visco, MD; Victoria Handa, MD
Moderator: Caroline Cox, MD
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Surgical Management of Constricted or Obliterated Vagina
Speaker: John Gebhart, MD
Panelists: Robert Gutman, MD; Cecile Ferrando, MD
Moderator: Alex Berger, MD
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A Case-based Approach to Understanding the Evidence-based Management of Fecal Incontinence
Speaker: Holly Richter, PhD, MD
Panelists: Halina Zyczynski, MD; Lily Arya, MD
Moderator: Lisa Hickman, MD
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Pelvic Floor Ultrasonography 
Speakers: S. Abbas Shobeiri, MD; Jonia Alshiek, MD; Milena Weinstein, MD
Panelists: Ghazaleh Rostaminia, MD; Lieschen Quiroz, MD
Moderator: Aparna Ramaseshan, MD
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Intraoperative Care and Management of Lower Urinary Tract Injuries
Speaker: Elizabeth Mueller, MD
Panelists: Leslie Rickey, MD; Margaret Mueller, MD
Moderator: Jocelyn Fitzgerald, MD
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Urinary Tract Infections 
Speaker: Mikio Nihira, MD
Panelists: Jennifer Anger, MD; Lenore Ackerman, MD
Moderator: Jessica Jackson, MD
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Painful Bladder Syndrome
Speaker: Howard Goldman, MD
Panelist: Andrew Walter, MD; Nitya Abraham, MD; Sarah McAchran, MD
Moderator: Akira Gilam, MD
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Anatomic Perineal Laceration Repair
Speaker: Catherine Matthews, MD
Panelists: Ranee Thakar, MD; Christina Lewicky-Gaupp, MD
Moderator: Andre Plair, MD

Pharmacologic Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Speaker: Cecile Ferrando, MD
Panelist: Elena Tunitsky, MD; Emily Lukacz, MD
Moderator: Kristen Buono, MD
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Evaluation and Management of Post-op Pelvic Pain
Speaker: Chip Butrick, MD
Panelists: Barry Jarnagin, MD; Bruce Kahn, MD
Moderator: Lauren Barnes, MD
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Urinary Tract Fistulas
Speaker: Sandip Vasavada, MD
Panelists: Ariana Smith, MD; Maude Carmel, MD
Moderator: Olivia Chang, MD
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The Science of Graft Augmented Repairs
Speaker: Mike Kennelly, MD
Panelists: Vincent Lucente, MD; Peter Sand, MD
Moderator: Amanda Merriman, MD
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Surgical Treatment for SUI
Speaker: Mickey Karram, MD
Panelists: Roger Dmochowski, MD; John Gebhart, MD
Moderator: Sarah Andiman, MD
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NeuroUrology: Case Based Approach
Speaker: Stephen Kraus, MD
Panelists: Gary Lemack, MD; Stephanie Kielb, MD 
Moderator: Rachel High, MD
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