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Academic Career Mentoring Program

Program Overview
Building upon the success of the first Research Career Mentoring Program, AUGS has expanded the focus of the mentoring program to include a variety of topics related to establishing a career in academic medicine.
The AUGS Academic Career Mentoring Program is open to AUGS members who are either (a) junior faculty within approximately 7 years of fellowship or (b) seeking to pursue a career in academic medicine. The Mentoring Program offers participants the opportunity to increase their access to experienced academic career mentors outside of their institution/facility. The mentee-mentor relationships developed via the program can be focused on a variety of topics with the goal of aligning the mentor’s self-identified strengths to the needs of the mentee. 
AUGS is seeking both interested mentors and mentees who are looking for a mutually rewarding mentorship experience.  
What to Expect 
AUGS will assign mentors/mentees into mentoring groups, or “pods” of 2-4 mentees with 2-3 mentors. Each group will meet virtually a minimum of four times during the program with discussion topics and guidelines provided by the Program Committee. The program will run from January 2024 – September 2024.  
Program Dates: January 2024 – September 2024 with “pod” virtual meetings in the months of January, March, May, and Summer (July-Sept based upon availability).

Applications are now closed.