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President's Perspective: AUGS Launches New Corporate Council

April 1, 2021 10:46 AM
I think that we have all been ready for the coming of spring with an extra hour of sunlight in most parts, the budding of flowers and trees, and making plans for spring break. Hopefully, as we get deeper into this season and looking forward to summer, we see less of tornados and other storm destruction that has recently occurred. I hope that you are all keeping safe in this regard.
The Board continues to be actively working on new initiatives to support AUGS members and the broader urogynecologic community. Our latest focus is on the relationship with our industry colleagues. Partnership with industry is crucial for both urogynecologists and industry to continue to develop the best evidence-based advances in new and existing treatments for our patients. It is important that this partnership be open and transparent. To that end, I am excited to announce the establishment of the AUGS Corporate Council.
The purpose of the Corporate Council is to:
  • Develop and enhance relationships between AUGS and the industry partners that support the urogynecology community.
  • Provide transparent communication to the membership on AUGS’ relationship(s) with industry partners.
  • Identify shared strategies and opportunities for joint ventures aimed at addressing the challenges women with PFDs experience.
The Corporate Council will support:
  • Knowledge Sharing: The Council is about discussion and problem solving of issues of mutual interest and concern. The Council will discuss important evidence-based approaches regarding the development of new products, potential research, and educational initiatives, as well as services to improve the field of urogynecology.
  • Collaboration: Corporate industry leaders will be able to work alongside AUGS leadership and key opinion leaders to improve quality outcomes. Identification of opportunities for collaboration will be encouraged.
  • Advocacy: Corporate Council members will discuss selected AUGS’ work regarding coverage issues related to the field of urogynecology, national advocacy on proposed policy changes, decreased research funding, and ongoing advocacy in relation to reimbursement. Further, the Council will serve as a vehicle for providing support for new treatment options that experience coverage and reimbursement issues.
  • Education: Support in the development of future leaders.
Corporate Council members will meet annually with AUGS leadership and key opinion leaders to discuss issues of mutual concern, find solutions to pressing challenges, share knowledge on best practices and discuss major initiatives. By pooling resources and expertise, the Corporate Council will engage in joint problem-solving and collaborative opportunities that advance shared goals, from the perspective of advancing the mission of AUGS in support of our members and patients. As a society, we exist to bring people together to share ideas, research outcomes, as well as optimize clinical care and improve on this care in partnership with industry where there are mutual interests and abilities to fulfill these goals.
I continue to be honored to represent you all in leading this esteemed society. I encourage you to share with me any thoughts you have on this initiative or other issues that are on your mind. We have created to allow members an easy way to communicate with the Board. I look forward to seeing everyone at PFD Week 2021 in October!
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