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Board Self Nomination Form

Board of Directors Self-Nomination 

Click here to access the Nominate a Colleague Form.

Applicant Information

Board of Directors Opportunities

Please select the position for which you are most interested in applying. 


Please provide a narrative biosketch (no CVs), highlighting education, professional experience, strengths, honors and awards, academic, leadership, public service, or community service efforts that make you particularly well-suited for the desired role.

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Personal Statement

Identify and describe your commitment to AUGS by providing specific information outlining your support and service to AUGS.

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Interest Statement

The Board is looking for individuals with basic leadership skills and the ability to think strategically and focus on the future. Candidates should also maintain an understanding and an awareness of the issues impacting AUGS members. Please describe what skills and experiences you will bring to the position that highlight these skills.

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Volunteer Policies

I have read the roles and responsibilities for the position to which I am applying and agree to carry out the duties as described during my term if chosen.

I have read and adhere to the AUGS Conflict of Interest Statement and have disclosed industry relations below.