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State of the Society

October 17, 2019 10:32 AM

As I complete my Presidency of AUGS, I would like to bring to you a summary of the State of the Society. 2019 has been a busy year with many developments that impact our specialty but are outside of our direct control. This is especially pertinent to the regulation of transvaginal mesh within the US and abroad. While we cannot always directly change these developments, we can anticipate them and then position ourselves to weather them optimally. Your Board of Directors took this approach a year ago, by developing a Strategy on Mesh that has informed all of our work this year. The Strategy on Mesh informs our educational programs, our research mandate, and our quality portfolio. It also led to the development of a patient engagement mandate that evolved into the establishment of a Patient Advisory Panel. I presented the State of the Society at the recent PFD Week, but for those of you who had conflicts with that presentation, I encourage you to read the full transcript. I have enjoyed serving you, the members of AUGS, this year as President and take pride in our organization. I welcome Dr. Shawn Menefee as your new President.

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