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AUGS Practice and Salary Survey

May 2, 2018 04:48 PM

AUGS is all about learning from each other, as providers and as professionals. Whether in the form of the highest level of science presented at PFD Week, the work the Quality and Payment Reform Committees are doing to prepare us for the Practice of Tomorrow, or the patient materials developed by the Public Education Committee, AUGS always strives to harness the considerable talent and experience of its volunteers and members toward the goal of advancing the profession and enhancing the care we provide to our patients. Knowledge is power, and among our 1,900 members, AUGS has a great deal of knowledge!

AUGS is pleased to release another resource for our physician members - the AUGS 2017 Practice and Salary Survey Report. This report is available now on the AUGS website. This report is designed to provide credible data specific to urogynecology to help physicians prepare, plan and forecast to meet the challenges of an evolving practice management landscape. Benchmarks are critical as we strive to better understand the differences in our practice patterns by region, practice setting and practice type.

How to Use It

You will find details on comparative physician profiles, practice statistics, professional liability and physician compensation figures.

The Report is broken down into the following categories:

  • Physician Demographics – provides an overview of the physicians who work in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Practice Profile – details demographic information about organizations in which responding physicians work.
  • Practice Activities – analyzes various aspects of responding physicians, including number of patients seen, procedures performed, billing information, etc.
  • Physician Compensation – examines compensation levels of physicians by experience, income structure, benefits, etc.

Value to You and Your Practice

Each section provides a unique look at different areas of our field. You might use the practice profiles to benchmark your staffing levels to ensure your practice is running at the most efficient and effective levels. Awareness of compensation by experience and region can help you understand the value of your practice, and can assist you in successful recruitment and retention of providers in your practice, and to identify potential areas of competitive advantage and growth. Some may use the information to consider bringing in a new partner, a Nurse Practitioner or to make changes to employed physicians’ compensation structures.

I encourage all members to download this, and to use it to make strategic decisions for both your practice and your own career development. AUGS always strives to provide resources as part of your membership which will help you grow personally and professionally. This resource does just that.

Our thanks go out to the Membership Committee, who developed and administered the survey. All data were compiled, tabulated and analyzed by Industry Insights Inc., an independent professional research and consulting firm. This year we had a 25 percent response rate; I hope and trust that we can depend on members to continue to increase the participation, in order to provide even more robust data to allow us to understand our own field. Going forward, AUGS will be reissuing this survey on a biennial basis. My thanks to those who participated this year, and to all that will respond to the next survey! Look for it in 2019!

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