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Call for Volunteers

Members interested in serving in a volunteer position should complete the application during our annual Call for Volunteers process which occurs in the spring (May). Throughout the year, AUGS may make additional opportunities available, at which time a Call for Volunteers will be issued. 

Current Openings

APP Committee - PA Representative

Application Deadline: January 17, 2020

AUGS is currently seeking a PA to serve on the APP Committee.

Purpose: Evaluate the educational needs of allied health professionals focused on FPMRS and develop programs and services that address those needs.

Composition: Ideal number of committee members should range between 3 to 5, however, membership may increase in response to ongoing activities and priorities.

Time Expectation: Monthly conference calls, as well as email communication as needed.

Ongoing Activities:

  • Plan an annual and regional Advance Practice Provider program that incorporates education, hands-on training, mentorship, CME and certificates of completion.
    • This is a two and a half-day course offered in 1 location annually
  • Ensure PFD Week has at least one workshop and up to two roundtables focused on allied health members.

2020 Charges and Priorities:      

  • Plan an APP Specialty day to be held during AUGS PFD Week 2020, to include education for allied health professionals focused on FPMRS.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Members

  • Review all materials prior to monthly conference calls.
  • Actively participate in meetings (provide input, engage in discussion).
  • Complete assigned tasks within established timeframes.
  • Volunteer to assist with tasks if asked by the Committee Chair.
  • Communicate to the Committee Chair if completion of assignments and/or committee participation is delayed or not possible.
  • Complete committee mid-year assessment.

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Application Process

The application for all open positions will be hosted in the AUGS Connect volunteer manager.  

Prior to applying, please review: