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Global Surgery Data Collection

Beginning July 1, 2017, the surgeons in some states are required by CMS to separately report all post-operative care provided for certain surgical procedures. The CY 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule adopted a data reporting requirement for practitioners furnishing specified global procedures in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, and Rhode Island. CMS will use reported data, along with other data to establish payment rates under the PFS.

Who Must Report?

All practitioners who are in groups of 10 or more (“practitioner” includes both physicians and non-physician practitioners) who provide 10- or 90- day global services in the nine states listed above are required to report post-operative visits starting July 1, 2017. CMS created a list of 293 codes using the criteria of procedure codes reported annually by more than 100 practitioners and that are either reported more than 10,000 times or have allowed charges in excess of $10 million annually. To view the list of 293 codes, please visit the CMS website here.


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