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FPMRS Transitions to an Electronic Format with the Name UROGYNECOLOGY

April 18, 2022 01:35 PM

Dear AUGS Members,

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with our journal, FPMRS, which is continuing to set the gold standard for publishing in urogynecology. Thank you to the authors and reviewers who submit increasingly impactful manuscripts. As you know, starting in July 2022, the journal transitions to an electronic format with the name UROGYNECOLOGY.

We are pleased to report that AUGS members now have single-sign on capability. This allows members to move back and forth between the websites for the society and the journal.

Try Something New
Next time you are looking at an article on the journal website, try exploring some of the features that will allow you to make the most of your reading:

  • Export manuscript figures and tables to Power Point.
    • Simply select “images” (to the left of the title) and take it from there.
  • Receive (and share!) the e-Table of Contents (e-TOC)
    • This e-TOC is also free to non-members.  Share with trainees and individuals who may be interested in reading FPMRS. The sign-up link is listed to the right of the current issue.

The journal website will post diversity metrics for all members of the editorial board and editorial team. Here are the 2022 results:

Sex: Female (56%), Male (44%)
Gender: Woman (56%), Man (44%)
Age:  36-45 y/o (36%), 46-55 (32%), 56-65 (24%), 66-75 (8%)
Ethnicity and Race: African American/Black (4%), Asian American/Asian (8%), Hispanic/Latino/a (8%), White (72%)
Practice Setting: Academic (96%), Hospital based practice (4%),
US region: Northeast (30%), Southwest (10%), West (25%), Southeast (15%), Midwest (20%)
AUG member (yrs): 0-5 (12%), 6-10 (8%), 11-15 (32%),16-20 (20%), 21-25 (16%), 26-30 (12%)

We welcome Professor Christian Phillips BM BCs Hons DM FRCOG as a new Editorial Board member. Professor Phillips is the new treasurer for EUGA, an affiliated urogynecologic society. 

It is an honor to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for our journal. Please never hesitate to reach out to me directly to share suggestions, concerns, or seek clarification on journal matters. 


Linda Brubaker, MD
Editor-in-Chief, FPMRS
The Official Journal of AUGS, EUGA, MIPS, and AIUG

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