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APPTAH SIG Vice-Chair Ballot

Julie Brewer, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD
Houston Methodist West

I am a board-certified Women's Health Clinical Specialist and have a special interest in the athletic population and sexuality issues.  My clinical expertise includes complex bowel/bladder disorders, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain.   I regularly participate in clinical mentor-ship, community outreach/education, and development for a system-wide hospital-based pelvic floor physical therapy program.  I am board certified in Women's Health physical therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction.  My strengths lie in development of public education, provider training and communications.

AUGS Activities

  • Active membership since 2016

Interest Statement
As a physical therapist, I bring a unique perspective to issues surrounding how to better serve patients with pelvic floor disorders.  I am seeking a volunteer opportunity to work with others and develop leadership, organizational and strategic skills.  I am passionate about educating medical providers and the community on women's health issues, and the benefits of multi-disciplinary care.  I seek to integrate a higher understanding of physical therapy practice into the standard care of women with pelvic disorders.  I thrive on organization and have developed time management strategies which would allow my involvement as a volunteer whilst maintaining a busy clinical practice.


Sarah Hnath, PT, DPT
Expect Results Wellness for Women

My name is Sarah Hnath, experienced women's health physical therapist. As someone who has worked to become an expert in women's health, I believe I am the perfect candidate for volunteer opportunities within AUGS. At this time, I am looking to transition my knowledge, experience & expertise into a role that will enable me to further advance the burgeoning field of women's health in a broader sense than I can as a hands-on clinician.   Some of my qualifications include:  

  • clinical doctorate in physical therapy from New York Medical College
  • significant continued education in women's health (pelvic floor disorders, labor & delivery, prenatal/postpartum, etc)
  • experience presenting women's health content to KOL
  • educating doctoral students, health professionals & community on women's health topics
  • practicing clinician for 5 years, operate exclusively as a concierge sole practice for 3 years

AUGS Activitities

  • I am a new member to AUGS. In other professional organizations for women's health I have served on website committee and as a communications coordinator on an executive committee. 

Interest Statement
I am a new member to AUGS and am interested in utilizing my skills, knowledge and experience to further advance my profession, other medical and health professionals in the field of urogynecology/women's health and the urogynecologic community. I am a self starter, innovative, an independent thinker, punctual, have excellent interpersonal skills and thrive in a collaborative, team environment. I am an advocate for women's health and am passionate about educating the public and the healthcare community about pelvic floor dysfunction and issues related to women's health.