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March 2019

dr-david-glazier-virginia-urologist-300x1922David Glazier, MD, FPMRS
Physician, Virginia Urology

What made you interested in the field of urogynecology and why did you decide to dedicate your career to treating female pelvic disorders? 

During my early medication training, I was drawn to the precision and immediacy of surgery. Urogynecology, in particular, offers the chance to impact women's health and alleviate suffering in a meaningful way. Most of our treatments are minimally invasive, with excellent outcomes, and they truly do offer hope to a major segment of the population. Many of our patients have spent so many years sacrificing for every other member of the family, putting their needs dead last. We should be helping these women and doing what we can to restore their health.

Was there a mentor or someone you admire who had a positive impact on your career?

Early in my surgical residency, I had the honor of working under a fantastic mentor named Arthur Tanner. His example of integrity, dedication, and skill was unparalleled. He demanded excellence and taught by example. I feel very fortunate to have his lasting influence on my career and I am very much inspired by his commitment to mentorship.

Why are you an AUGS member? How do you suggest other members receive maximum value from AUGS?

AUGS does a great job of providing practical leadership and guidance as our field progresses and evolves. I think it is very valuable to have the support and consensus from AUGS in terms of safe and effective treatments for our patients. Conversely, we also look to AUGS for their statements regarding treatments that are not approved by the FDA or proven for efficacy.

Please detail your involvement with AUGS, including participation in Annual Meetings, Board of Directors, Committees, and Special Interest Groups.

Most recently, I have been involved in workshops and educational roundtables during PFD Week. The best thing is the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with physicians from all over the country. I always come away with new ideas or tips and tricks.

Do you have a favorite memory from PFD Week or your involvement with AUGS?

My favorite memories are seeing colleagues and friends from all corners of the country and world. It is very special to connect with those whom you respect but don't otherwise have the opportunity to see.

What is an interesting fact most people don't know about you?

I met my lovely wife Gina in medical school and we are from Dublin, Ireland. We have three awesome kids.

Please provide any additional information, memories, or advice that you would like to share.

There is no substitute for just putting in the time. Whether it's hitting the books during board preparation, practicing on the robot simulator, or watching your own surgical videos. Patient care is a privilege and it demands excellence. This is important work that requires commitment and integrity. You can never be faulted for doing the right thing and being nice to people. Don't be afraid to ask for help. When in the position to offer it, don't hesitate to provide mentorship; that's how all of us got here.


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