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Special Interest Groups

Communities of Practice

AUGS Communities of Practice serve to represent the interests of groups defined by profession. While these populations are actively represented within the AUGS committees, the communities of practice provide a space for networking and collaboration. 

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Current Communities of Practice

Advanced Practice, Physical Therapy and Allied Health (APPTAH)

The APPTAH community provides a channel for engaging affiliate members and provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration. The goal of the community is to support AUGS as the premier professional society for advanced practice, physical therapy and allied health professionals in urogynecology and female urology.

Basic Science

The Basic Science community seeks to engage members and develop a sense of community among basic science professionals by using the online community and supporting basic science focused educational content at annual meetings.


The community seeks to create a successful environment for fellow members of AUGS through the online community.

Fellowship Program Directors

The Fellowship Program Directors community creates an opportunity for collaboration among members serving as the fellowship program director at their institution. The specific interests of its members are addressed through idea sharing through the online community listserv.

Private Practice

The Private Practice community of practice creates a forum for idea sharing and networking among individuals working in a private practice. Discussion items may include coding, practice management, growth, quality, innovation, research, credentialing, and best practice guidelines.

Special Interest Groups

AUGS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) serve to develop a sense of community around topics of interest in the field of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS). Joining a special interest group allows you to collaborate, share experiences with your peers and have meaningful discussions.

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Form a SIG

If you are interested in forming a special interest group, submit an application.

Current SIGs

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The EMR SIG promotes communal efforts and enhance shared resources in the development and advancement of the use of electronic medical records (EMR) in the field of FPMRS.

Global Health

The Global Health SIG disseminates information regarding global health opportunities for FPMRS, provides a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences, promotes ethical and responsible participation, encourages and facilitates research and scholarly work, provides collaboration opportunities, and exchanges ideas regarding incorporating and facilitating global health experience for physicians in training.

Health Disparities

The Health Disparities SIG brings together individuals who are committed to reducing health disparities in FPMRS. This group is dedicated to ensuring that all women, regardless of all race/ethnicity, insurance statuses, education level, or geographic area, have access to excellent clinical care. 

Mesh/Graft Use in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

The Mesh/Graft SIG brings together surgeons who are interested in and currently implant mesh to share their experiences and knowledge to promote the highest quality care. This SIG is dedicated to the dissemination of information related to mesh/graft practice guidelines, best surgical practices, and surgery outcome analyses and graft materials science.

Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Disorders

Birth-related pelvic floor trauma can be associated with significant short and long-term sequelae. This includes healing issues, urinary and bowel control issues, chronic vulvovaginal pain, dyspareunia, fistula and pelvic organ prolapse. The purpose of forming this group is to bring together multi-disciplinary specialists with an interest in this patient population in order to collaborate on patient education, medical and surgical management techniques, research opportunities and patient advocacy.

Dissemination & Implementation Science and Community-engaged Outreach (DISCO)

Interest has increased in dissemination and implementation (D&I) science and community engaged scholarship (CES). The Dissemination & Implementation Science and Community-engaged Outreach (DISCO) SIG will provide a formal structure for AUGS members with shared interest and expertise to work and grow together and to support the society as the awareness of the importance of D&I I and CES increases.

Treatment Access & Advocacy Group (TAAG)

The purpose of the Treatment Access & Advocacy Group (TAAG) is to connect and mobilize AUGS members who are passionate about actively improving treatment equity and access for patients with urogynecologic conditions. Most of the founding members of this SIG were members of a self-formed group (The FAB Task Force) whose goal was to raise awareness about the association of anticholinergic medications with the risk of dementia and the potential inequities in overactive bladder treatment.