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Bladder Health Month Resources

Thanks for joining AUGS in honor of National Bladder Health Month. We’re delighted to have you join in our campaign to help break the stigma surrounding bladder control issues in order to help start the conversation between healthcare providers and their patients. Please utilize the following resources throughout the month of November to show your support! 

Social Media

Post these Bladder Health Month messages and graphics on your social media pages during the month of November to thank healthcare providers and promote bladder health awareness.

Twitter Posts

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  • Learn the 7 categories of #UrinaryIncontinence & take a quick and easy bladder control quiz to determine if you’re experiencing leakage #BladderHealthMonth
  • Need extra help understanding your diagnosis and treatment options? Download a FREE patient fact sheet today (also available in Spanish): #BladderHealthMonth
  • Having trouble finding urogynecologists in your area? Check out the Voices for PFD website to access the "Find a Provider" tool to find a provider near you! #BladderHealthMonth
  • Do you think you know all things about pelvic floor disorder? Take the Voices for PFD “true or false” quiz! #BladderHealthMonth 
  • #DYK bladder control issues affect 30% to 50% of women. Talk to your local urogynecologist about treatment options today. #BladderHealthMonth
  • Use #BladderHealthMonth as an incentive to take control of your bladder health! View our Bladder Control infographic for fast facts and info about bladder health, including tips of prevention and common FAQs:
  • Thank you to the urogynecologists and advanced practice providers who help women who suffer from bladder control issues every day! #BladderHealthMonth

Twitter Graphics

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Facebook Posts

  • Join me in raising awareness of female bladder control problems. All month, I am celebrating the urogynecologists who improve women’s quality of life by treating their conditions! #BladderHealthMonth
  • Don’t let bladder control issues interrupt your everyday routine or affect your self-esteem. Together, we can help improve bladder health and spread awareness during #BladderHealthMonth.
  • Today I am participating in the  #BladdersMatter campaign! Thank you to doctors, researchers and everyone who helps advance bladder health to improve the lives of patients! #BladdersMatter #BladderHealthMonth
  • Remember- incontinence is not a normal part of aging! Speak up and share your symptoms with a urogynecologist who can help create a customized treatment plan. Together, patients and doctors can end the stigma surrounding bladder control issues. #BladderHealthMonth
  • Bladder Health Month is important because____________ #BladderHealthMonth

  • Treating women with bladder control issues is important to me because____________ #BladderHealthMonth

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Instagram Posts

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Bladder Health Month Infographic

Helpful facts and statistics to share with patients in easy to understand language.

Click on the image below to download the infographic. 


Patient Fact Sheets

Designed to help your patients better understand their diagnoses and treatment options, these informative fact sheets contain up-to-date information on a variety of topics related to bladder health. Visit Voices for PFD to download our fact sheets - now available in large print and Spanish.