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Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations

May 22, 2019 10:57 AM

Have you ever thought about volunteering to help AUGS? It is that time of year for our annual Call for Volunteers and Board Nominations, so maybe you should.

AUGS supports all aspects of our subspecialty, from quality, to research, to education, to advocacy. The content experts, scientists and clinicians that guide this subspecialty and the AUGS organization are our committed and dedicated volunteers. AUGS would not be where it is today without the numerous committed volunteers, and neither would Urogynecology. Please take a moment to consider volunteering for specific committee or running for the Board.

And its not all service, as there is personal value to volunteering for AUGS. Volunteers develop complementary skills to augment clinical acumen, further their leadership training, and gain experience from working with the professional staff liaisons that are employed by AUGS. But most importantly, you get to be part of this system that is moving our specialty forward, and to serve its members, and the patients they treat.

Volunteer for a Committee or run for election to the Board of Directors to ensure your voice is included in the future growth of the Society. If you do not have time to volunteer this year, make plans to do it next year. In the meantime, make your voice heard. Remember, everyone has a direct line to the Board, through emailing Board@ Share your ideas, concerns or compliments as every email is reviewed by the President and shared with the Board.

So – apply today! Nominate yourself or a colleague for the Board of Directors – we have four positions open with different levels of criteria. Volunteer for a Committee.  The Call for Volunteers is open through the end of the month at

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