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PFDR Resources

The PFDR contains a comprehensive set of variables to address effectiveness, quality of life and safety associated with both surgical and non-surgical treatment of POP. The registry includes patient- and provider-reported outcomes.


  • Includes all data elements, such as condition-specific symptom and quality of life measures
  • Includes patient-reported variables that may be collected from patients who may not be seen back in clinic
  • Includes similar data elements required in the FDA mandated post-marketing surveillance studies, to allow for comparisons between patients included in these research studies and the PFDR population
  • Includes data collection on patients receiving non-surgical (pessary) treatment for POP

Download the PFDR Protocol

Click here to see what variables the Benchmarking Report capture


PFDR Data Request Policy

Data analysis results may be requested for abstract submission to scientific meetings, development of manuscripts for peer-review journal submission, and scientific symposia. The Research Registry Committee also works to ensure appropriate dissemination of treatment-related and clinical course related information to health authorities and stakeholders. These roles and policies are codified in the committee charters.

Download the PFDR Data Request Policy