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Urogyn Update Schedule

Please note, this schedule is subject to change. 

Thursday, February 21

6:30 am  Registration Open  
6:30 am Breakfast in AUGS Pavilion  
7:00 am Industry Expert Theater  
8:00 am Welcome Remarks Geoffrey Cundiff, MD and Patrick Culligan, MD
8:15 am Avoiding Laparoscopic Surgical Misadventures  Charles R. Rardin, MD
9:15 am The "Special Sauce" of Native Tissue Repair – How to Optimize Results Efficiently Halina Zyczynski, MD
10:00 am Panel Q & A  
10:15 am Break in AUGS Pavilion   
10:45 am Avoiding and Managing Mid-urethral Sling Complications Patrick Culligan, MD
11:15 am Panel Discussion with Q&A: Prolapse That's Difficult to Fix: Stage IV and Recurrent POP Catherine Matthews, MD; Halina M. Zyczynski, MD; Charles R. Rardin, MD
12:00 pm  Lunch Break in AUGS Pavilion  
12:00 pm  Industry Expert Theater  
1:00 pm  Vaginal Lasers and Cosmetic Gynecology - the Latest Technology and Information Matthew Barker, MD
1:30 pm  The "Special Sauce" of Straight-stick Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy – How to Optimize Results Efficiently  Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD
2:15 pm The "Special Sauce" of Robotic Sacrocolpopexy – How to Optimize Results Efficiently Patrick Culligan, MD
3:00 pm Panel Q&A  


Friday, February 22

6:30 am Registration  
6:30 am Breakfast in AUGS Pavilion  
7:00 am Industry Expert Theater  
8:00 am Avoiding and Managing Sacrocolpopexy Complications Patrick Culligan, MD
8:30 am Complications of Perineal Laceration: Now What? Catherine Matthews, MD
9:00 am Latest Treatments for Fecal Incontinence Holly Richter, MD
9:30 am Refractory OAB Matthew Barker, MD
10:00 am Obliterative Surgery for POP Halina M. Zyczynski, MD
10:30 am Panel Q & A Followed by Break in the AUGS Pavilion  
11:00 am  Innovative Approaches to Minimally Invasive Prolapse Repair  Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD
11:30 pm Panel Q & A  
11:45 am Lunch Break in AUGS Pavilion   
12:00 pm Industry Expert Theater  
12:45 pm Neuropathy of Chronic Pelvic Pain with a New Look at Pelvic Floor Myalgia and Vulvodynia Charles Butrick, MD
1:30 pm Painful Bladder/IC - What's New? What's Tried and True? Charles R. Rardin, MD
2:00 pm Persistent Post-op Pain; Neuropathy and Prevention for Patients at Risk Charles Butrick, MD
2:30 pm Case-Based Panel Discussion with Q&A - Mesh-related Pain Disorders Charles Butrick, MD; Patrick Culligan, MD; Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD
3:00 pm Panel Q&A  


Saturday, February 23

6:30 am Registration  
6:30 am Breakfast in AUGS Pavilion  
7:00 am  Industry Expert Theater  
8:00 am The "Special Sauce" of Urogynecology Practice Management – Making the Most of Your Advanced Practice Providers Matthew Barker, MD
8:45 am Curated Prolapse Surgery Videos  
9:45 am Curated Continence Surgery Videos  
10:45 am Break in the AUGS Pavilion  
11:00 am Moderated Surgical Film Fest Discussion Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD
12:00 pm Industry Expert Theater  
12:30 pm Adjourn  


"Special Sauce" Series - Rather than just broadly cover the evidence for and general steps of each surgical approach, the "special sauce" series features faculty who perform the given surgical approach as their "go to" prolapse repair, and they are going to share all of their "pro tips" that make their versions of the repairs work so well. These lectures will include video-heavy detailed discussions of the true surgical nuance important to these experts. 

Surgical Film Fest - Peter Rosenblatt has collected hundreds of interesting edited surgical videos from all over the USA and beyond featuring new techniques and unique approaches to classic surgical techniques. The titles and brief descriptions of the videos will be available, and the audience will vote on which ones they want to view and discuss in a truly interactive way.

Industry Expert Theater - Non-CME lectures by leaders in our field.

AUGS Pavilion - Your Hub for Innovation, Education and Connection
The AUGS Pavilion is the place to network with peers, meet with industry experts, experience education beyond sessions and engage with key leaders in the field. View videos in the Video Center, engage with industry in the lounge area, and connect with faculty and attendees. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be available.