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The Role of Volunteers in AUGS

May 22, 2018 12:47 PM

Have you ever logged on to the AUGS website and really looked around at all the things that AUGS is doing? It is a truly impressive array of activities and services; I hope you will take a moment to peruse the site and learn about some project, committee or member benefit of which you had not previously been aware. And what makes all of that happen? It’s our volunteers.

The content experts, scientists and clinicians that guide this subspecialty and the AUGS organization forward are our committed and dedicated volunteers.

In other words – it’s you.

Fifteen years ago, freshly out of fellowship training, I heeded the advice of my new partner in practice, Deb Myers (many of you will know that her advice should always be heeded!) and joined on what was then known as the Public Relations Committee. I certainly had no experience, but found that taking a little bit of time with some like-minded folks to think of ways to get the word out about what AUGS was and what it was doing was more than worth the effort. My roles have changed a bit since then, but I’ve always had one, and I can’t quite imagine not being part of this.

There are lots of perks. You get opportunities to use and develop skills that are complementary to your clinical acumen. You get training and experience in leadership skills development, and you get to work with professional staff liaisons that are full-time employees of AUGS. But most importantly, you get to be part of this system that is always moving forward to serve its members, and the patients they treat.

Have you ever felt frustrated that it’s hard to make your voice heard? Volunteer for a Committee or run for election to the Board of Directors to ensure your voice is included in the continued growth of the Society. If you do not have time to volunteer this year, make plans to do it next year. Remember, everyone has a direct line to the Board, please use to share your ideas, concerns or compliments. Every email is reviewed by the President and shared with the Board.

So – apply today! Nominate yourself or a colleague for the Board of Directors – we have four positions open with different levels of criteria. Volunteer for a Committee.  The Call for Volunteers is open through the end of the month.

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