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ACQUIRE SUI Surgery Module - More Information

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Additional FAQs

Can I report data to CMS for MIPS through the SUI Surgery Module?

Not yet. ACQUIRE has an existing QCDR module that allows data reporting to MIPS but the SUI Surgery has not been approved yet. We are working on an Advanced Payment Model (alternative to MIPS) built around the SUI Surgery Module

Can I integrate the SUI Module with my EHR?

Not yet. We’re still working out how to collect information in the SUI Surgery Module from EHRs (where each field is located) so we can’t integrate it. However, in the future we’ll be looking for some practices to pilot EHR integration so if you’re interested, please contact

What is asked in the patient-reported outcomes section of the module? How long will it take for my patients to complete it?

The patient-reported outcomes section asks 6 questions, mostly yes or no, about the patient’s current health status and complications the patient has experienced since surgery. We estimate it will take more patients no more than 5 minutes and is automatically emailed to patients; your office doesn’t have to do anything! Data from the patient survey is then automatically uploaded into the registry.

I saw that the module collects information about the UDI of devices. What happens to that information?

The UDI is used to pull additional device information from the FDA’s AccessGUDID database to minimize burden on providers. In the event of a device recall or the desire to know more about the performance of a device, having the UDI allows tracking of specific devices or brands. But this information is never shared with anyone without your permission.

I saw that the FDA partially sponsored the module. What is their role in the module?

A grant from the FDA partially paid for the construction of the module through the Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet). The FDA is committed to medical device registries as a broad concept and specifically has created the Women’s Health Technologies Coordinated Registry Network to include the SUI Surgery Module, a forthcoming registry focused on sterilization devices, and one that will address devices used for uterine fibroids. The FDA does not have access to any data in the registry.

What’s next for the SUI Surgery Module?

Right now, we are building an Advanced Payment Model around SUI surgery using the SUI Surgery Module as a base. APMs are an alternative to MIPS reporting for providers to fulfill their obligation under the QPP. Find out more about APMs here.

We’re rolling out new features on the SUI Surgery Module all the time! Coming soon we’ll be enabling automatic text reminders to patients to complete their surveys in addition to email. And we’re developing a mobile app to allow scanning of the UDI barcode instead of manual entry of the number to further reduce burden. Stay tuned for more exciting changes!”