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ACQUIRE SUI Surgery Module


The SUI Surgery Module is a new component of ACQUIRE developed in conjunction with Women’s Health Technologies Coordinated Registry Network, a project of MDEpiNet. The Module is aimed at collecting quality data on all types of SUI surgeries including slings, Burch procedure and periurethral bulking agents. The SUI Surgery Module is open to all surgeons. You do not need to be a current user of ACQUIRE to use the SUI Surgery Module. Click the buttons below to find out more and get started!

Who can use the SUI Surgery Module?

Any provider who does SUI surgeries either alone or with concomitant procedures. Only SUI surgeries are eligible for the registry right now; data collection on conservative therapy options will be added at a later date.

How do I sign up?

Current users of ACQUIRE already have access to the new module; look for a new link on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Members who don’t currently use ACQUIRE can click the Signup button above to register. There is no cost to use the module. New users will be asked to sign the Participation Agreement.

What procedures are included?

All SUI surgeries can be entered into the registry, including those that use devices (such as midurethral slings) and those that don’t (such as the Burch procedure). SUI surgeries done at the same time as other surgery such as pelvic organ prolapse surgery can also be included. Conservative therapy for SUI (such as pessaries) are not included.

What kind of data is collected?

The SUI Surgery Module collects a minimum dataset as defined by a panel of urologists and urogynecologists. Data entry is designed to take no more than 3 to 5 minutes per visit and includes patient demographics and medical history, basic surgical information and device information where applicable. The module also includes a patient questionnaire that is automatically sent to patients and a follow-up form to be completed by the surgeon post-surgery.

For more information, see the SUI Surgery Module user manual here.

How much does the SUI Surgery Module cost?

The module is free for all AUGS members to use. Not an AUGS member? Become one now! Members of affiliated societies are eligible for free use of the SUI Surgery Module; please contact for more information on how to sign up.

What are the benefits of the SUI Surgery Module?

The SUI surgery module allows quick and easy tracking and benchmarking of SUI surgeries, providing both patient- and surgeon-reported outcomes. This information will be used by AUGS Quality Committee to develop quality improvement projects and toolkits. The SUI Surgery Module is also the core of an upcoming Advanced Payment Model being developed around SUI surgery. Users of the SUI Surgery Module are invited to participate in the SUI Surgery Module User Group meeting at AUGS annual PFD Week to share experiences and discuss with fellow users.

What is the SUI Surgery Network?

The SUI Surgery Network is a core of ten SUI surgery sites specifically chosen for their commitment to entering a high volume of patients in a short amount of time. Applications are currently closed for the SUI Surgery Network, but additional opportunities may open in the future.

Participants in the SUI Surgery Network click here for access to network-specific resources. 

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