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How to Participate in AQUIRE

How to Participate

Step 1: Complete practice/institution participant questionnaire.

Step 2: Determine if group participation or single-provider participation.

Step 3: Have NPI and TIN numbers for provider(s).

Step 4: Review and sign the participation agreement and data warehouse agreement via AQUIRE web portal.

Step 5: Once your agreements have been executed you will receive an email that includes your practice ID # and access to the Web Data Entry Portal.

Step 6: Log-in to the AQUIRE Web Data entry portal and begin entering patients.  

Need assistance? Download the Sign Up Portal Manual or watch the instructional video.

AQUIRE Login    

Current Participants: Log-in 

If you are a Practice or Hospital administrator please contact for log-in access. 


  • Be an active physician member of AUGS 
  • Sign a Data Warehousing Agreement with FIGmd
  • Sign a Registry Participation Agreement with AUGS

Data Warehousing and Registry participation agreements address HIPAA requirements for the collection of patient data as well as outline what AUGS and the participating practices agree to provide. Questions and signed agreements may be submitted to AUGS via email at